Databricks is a cloud-based unified analytics platform that provides a collaborative workspace for data engineers, data scientists, and business analysts to process and analyze data at scale. With Databricks, businesses can leverage Apache Spark, a fast and flexible open-source distributed computing system, to process large amounts of data quickly and efficiently. Databricks also offers a range of services, including machine learning, data engineering, and data visualization, enabling businesses to gain deeper insights from their data.

I’m working at Databricks since 2019 and here I share my experience with integrating and buidling the #open-source ecosystem around it with #go , #python , #terraform . In my spare time, I’m driving the experimental project incubator of Databricks #labs .

In this tag, you’ll find valuable insights, tutorials, and best practices for using Databricks to its fullest potential. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced data professional, these resources will help you learn how to use Databricks to process and analyze your data effectively and efficiently.